Software Product

r-QA: Remote Quality Assurance Web Application

  • Monitor the Quality Assurance (QA) data of products manufacturer in oversea outsourced sites
  • Automatical notification of product QA problems
  • User/Organization based data-domain partition
  • Only authorized personnel can access the data
  • QA data backup facility
  • Display configuration capability for web data display

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e-QA: Electronic Quality Assurance Enterprise Application

  • Monitor the Quality Assurance (QA) data of products manufactured in oversea outsourced sites
  • Monitor the Quality Assurance (QA) data of product deployed and operating in the field with the GDCP system
  • Thin client: the QA data is read as a byte stream, and the decoding of the QA data is done on the enterprise server
  • Highly extendable/adaptable for new products and product redesign
  • Inventory Control/Manager with barcode support
  • Track product movements among manufacturer, outsource sites, distributors, service centers, and customers
  • Secure/Encrypted data connection between application client and application server
  • data access restricted according to user/organization

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